Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i tried to do handstands for you

HELLO 2010! :)

It was a fun fun day indeed. Kyla makes the funniest faces, okay. =)) :>

EDIT: You can really tell I was very proud indeed to wear kyla's silver pompom as a headpiece. Oh yes, i felt just like Lady Gaga. OOH-LALA. :>



Sunday, December 27, 2009

quicker than a ray of light

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)
I'm so sorry for the complete lack of posts lately, but as usual school was being a bitch. Anyway, I was actually on break for the past week or so but I've been out and busy most of the time or procrastinating work..
Now I'm supposed to be finishing up some work due by the next year (WHICH IS IN A FEW DAYS :O) but I decided to post these up before I got too lazy to do it.

I wore this outfit last Saturday (I think?) to a last minute christmas party somewhere. (It was an all-white dress code thing):

And this is what I wore for Christmas day--

Comic strip dress - John Herrera (I love this dress. :D)
Belt - H&M (gift from Ole)
Vest - Subculture
Shoes - SM

Okay so my mother insisted we have a little family photoshoot in our christmas clothes.. But I ended up enjoying it haha. I "made over" my younger cousin for kicks, too. Maybe I'll post the before and after pictures later. It was a fun yet annoyingly short Christmas day.

Oh and here's a little cupcake porn I took for all of you:

Okay, now I'm off to finish this stupid schoolwork and then enjoy the rest of the glorious break. :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh yeahhh that's what i'm talking about

my feet hurt just looking at them, but omg JUST LOOK AT THEM, okay??

McQueen is a freaking brilliant genius. <333 Look at the last photo, the label etched in looks like it's written in some alien symbol language. :O

you guessed it, it's philo time once again. I'm supposed to be doing a persuasive essay on "Fashion Sense and Sensibility", for shizzle you guys. What am i supposed to convince her about??? Oh lordy. :| Maybe I'll print these out and call it a day. Let's see what she says about that.



*pictures from

Saturday, November 7, 2009

cause you make me show what i'm trying to conceal

INTRAMS finally!!! Today was hella fun (even if I was in school ON A SATURDAY). I love BLUE team <3.

Last week it was my sixteenth birthday. Celebrating is fun. :> Oh yes. Yeah, then on halloween night I went to Hong Kong with my family and stayed there til Wednesday. We went to Disneyland and SHOPPED. I wish we could've stayed longer. Kowloon is the best. <3

So much fun.. (especially the shopping part). Too bad we had to cut the trip short because of school :| bahhumbug. Oh well. When I got home I realized I forgot to buy some stuff I originally wanted to buy...Sigh. Next time, yeah?

(That's my sister! :) I actually love this shot.)
Tiger Shirt - The Ramp
Floral skirt - Cotton On
Shoes - Esprit
Shades - SM
Necklace (though you can't see it in these pics sadly) - gift from Erica! :)


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sail on silver girl, sail on by.

So today was a relatively crappy/okayish day. Felt moody for the most part of it, and I think people noticed it. Oh well, damn it. Anyway, I felt too :| to start studying for tomorrow's philo LT, so I put on the Across the Universe soundtrack, grabbed my dad's tripod and took some pictures.

I felt like being all nautical today, after I saw Emma Roberts' 40's-ish shoot for Teen Vogue as I was going through my collection yesterday. Hence the urge to dress up like this:

(pictures via

So here is my version:

Shirt - giordano (mom's :P)
Boxers - all boxed up (mom's too)
Belt - h&m
Red wedges - sm
Vintage camera - {dad's in the 90's}

Yep. Shiz, time to get back to Philo. Beh, I'm noticing a pattern here. I always end up blogging when I sidetrack from studying Philo. KAAAAY. Maybe I'll edit this tomorrow..?

Let's get this over with, shall we?


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'd like to go to Plato's Atlantis, pretty please?

Can I just say, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. Everything about it--the theme, the runway show, the WEIRD I-JUST-GREW-A-NEW-LIMB heels, the Star Wars hairstyles, the meaning behind the clothes (apocalyptic message that we're all gonna sink into a watery future because of the inevitable ecological meltdown and melting ice caps. yikes.), and the silhouettes of the pieces. *sigh*
I bet we'll all be dressing this was in let's say, three millenia from now. Here's to the future!

Yep. Glad I got that out of my system. Time to study for Noli and Mediterranean Cuisine, yippee!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

i'd rather sleep my whole life away than have you keep me from dreaming

Finally, I had some spare to take some pictures! I have to say, I really feel a lot more chill whenever I'm able to actually do an outfit post. More posts to come as I've been feeling pretty inspired {sorta} lately. So yup, this post has to be kind of fast though, since I have to go back and do my philo journal. GRR. :(

Anyway, well I decided to put together this outfit for no particular reason. HAHA, so much for some long metaphorical underlying meaning. Well, whatever. I bought this dress last year for our class musical of Once on This Island (God, I miss it.) then after I just pretty much forgot about it, then today I just happened to pull it out and...TADA! :D

I bought the charm necklace last weekend. Originally I wanted a less girly one, but since the saleslady was being quite incompetent I just got my 2nd choice. Oh well, whatever goes, right?

Today's a beautiful day, really. Not a single storm cloud in the sky. Well, supposedly there's another storm coming..Well, either way it was really sunny today and the lighting in these pictures are real and perfectly bright, I actually had to darken them a :D

Smocked floral dress - sm
Brown wedges - celine
Heart-shaped shades - bazaar
Charm necklace - just g
Single stranded pearls - {forgot} sm perhaps?

More posts to come! :)

<3 B

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rain check

hey everyone!
So today I was planning to go do more volunteer work for the Ondoy flood victims :( , however the fact that I would sneeze at least every three minutes prevented me from doing so. Anyway, I was just at home contemplating what to do, and I ended up making this outfit post to compensate for this day's utter lack of productivity. I know I should be doing school-related stuff, but oh well.

Moving on, I decided to wear a skirt which I bought but haven't had the chance to wear out yet, actually I sort of almost forgot I had it, haha. Oh and I used self-timer to take these pictures, be proud! :D Yep, usually I don't have the patience to set up the camera so I feel accomplished right now.

Shades - ???
Tank - vintage (it's actually a dress)
Skirt - SM
Wedges - Celine

Okay, so I'm gonna go take a power nap now to hopefully help myself get better.
Till next time, amigas! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

streetlight people

hello world!
this is pretty much my first post hahaha yeaaah, i'm quite new to this.
(right now i'm kind of putting off re-doing this persuasive essay..ugh.)

so anyway, i took these outfit pictures like a kazillion days ago..yeah a really long time ago. :] i came across them again and just thought, might as well post them.

eeek, i still have braces here haha, oh well.

blouse & necklace- greenhills
skirt - vintage
flats - parisian

i'll try to post more, hopefully school stress won't eat me alive just yet!