Tuesday, September 29, 2009

rain check

hey everyone!
So today I was planning to go do more volunteer work for the Ondoy flood victims :( , however the fact that I would sneeze at least every three minutes prevented me from doing so. Anyway, I was just at home contemplating what to do, and I ended up making this outfit post to compensate for this day's utter lack of productivity. I know I should be doing school-related stuff, but oh well.

Moving on, I decided to wear a skirt which I bought but haven't had the chance to wear out yet, actually I sort of almost forgot I had it, haha. Oh and I used self-timer to take these pictures, be proud! :D Yep, usually I don't have the patience to set up the camera so I feel accomplished right now.

Shades - ???
Tank - vintage (it's actually a dress)
Skirt - SM
Wedges - Celine

Okay, so I'm gonna go take a power nap now to hopefully help myself get better.
Till next time, amigas! :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

streetlight people

hello world!
this is pretty much my first post hahaha yeaaah, i'm quite new to this.
(right now i'm kind of putting off re-doing this persuasive essay..ugh.)

so anyway, i took these outfit pictures like a kazillion days ago..yeah a really long time ago. :] i came across them again and just thought, might as well post them.

eeek, i still have braces here haha, oh well.

blouse & necklace- greenhills
skirt - vintage
flats - parisian

i'll try to post more, hopefully school stress won't eat me alive just yet!