Saturday, June 12, 2010

perhaps the bar was raised so high that she just walked right under

So the other day my lovely friends and I had a photoshoot. Erica , Ina Seb and I modeled for ze wonderful photographer Bela while a couple of other quote and quote behind the scenes people friends of ours watched. ;)

Well, I had a really dandy time frolicking around the streets and this great nature walk we explored. IT FELT LIKE WE WERE IN THE JUNGLE..not. Oh and Ina did our makeup, I thought I looked rather scary haha but that's the whole POINT, isn't it?

Behind the scenes at Bela's place (SPOT THE NOT GUYS!) ..zat's chucky right thurr


Erica Ms. UAA


Erica and I

Ina (in her prom dress, guys!)

Abbey Road?

With photographer Bela


Us. :)

EDIT: We got lazy after a few shots so whatever. These 2 were the least fail of the bunch. Haha, well I just liked the way my makeup looked after I wiped off my scary undereye crosshatch makeup (Oh Ina so creative and Chanel-like, yes?)

shirt: mango, vest: ina's closet, polka dot shorts: greenhills, floral headband: H&M, accessories (studded cuff, pearl necklace, chain necklace): everywhere

Sigh, aren't my friends gorgeous?



Monday, June 7, 2010

it's possible i have gone too far when it comes to you

So. Admittedly, I am such a blogger fail. :)) There is absolutely no excuse for me not updating especially since it's been summer break, and it's practically ending. But my freaking lazy habits have hindered me incapable of clicking a couple of buttons and updating this fashion blog. Oh well, better late than never, eh? Props to the other lovely B, my soulmate Bela who gets a shoutout for pushing me to just. post. dammit.

Anyway, well I could definitely say that a lot has happened since my last blog post back in what, feb?

I think i'll do a photodump one of these days but for now, here are a few pictures I'd like to share from this summer.

The following pictures were taken by either me, my mother or my little brother Miguel who really isn't that little anymore but anyway I just recently discovered on our family beach trip to El Nido, Palawan that he's either got awesome natural skillz or is just a lucky candid shot taker.

Wow this has gotten way too wordy. AT LAST, HERE IS A TRUCKLOAD OF PICTURES YAY-----

My brother took the shots of me by the white wall, and a few others were by my mom I think. Heehee, proud sister moment. I think I'll start breeding him to be a photographer. Might come in handy, yes. So this turned out to be less of a fashion-y post but okay whatever floats my boat it's my blog biznatch. HAHA. I'm cherishing the last bits of summer fun while it lasts. Sigh.

Oh, and isn't Palawan beautiful? We loved the El Nido resort. I miss it.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

don't they realize that i'm a porcelain doll?

I was feeling fierce that night. (and slightly bored)
Got inspired by this amazing photo of Emma Watson:

So now judge me bitches!


Friday, January 8, 2010

we could be anything, anything, anything as long as you're my everything, everything, everything

I'm feeling a tad bit productive tonight, so I decided to post these pictures I've been meaning to post anyway. I wore this outfit on New Year's Day, we had our traditional celebration in my relatives' house. Fun stuff, fun stuff.

Oh, guess what! I overcame my fear of sparklers!! Haha, yeah I used to be deathly afraid of sparklers, thinking they were somehow going to spontaneously combust right on my face and blind me forever, yeah---So anyway instead of going on reading about my ramblings, here's the outfit folks:

Dress - Pink Manila
Shirt - Gift
Belt - KOB
Shoes - Celine

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i tried to do handstands for you

HELLO 2010! :)

It was a fun fun day indeed. Kyla makes the funniest faces, okay. =)) :>

EDIT: You can really tell I was very proud indeed to wear kyla's silver pompom as a headpiece. Oh yes, i felt just like Lady Gaga. OOH-LALA. :>



Sunday, December 27, 2009

quicker than a ray of light

Happy Holidays, everyone! :)
I'm so sorry for the complete lack of posts lately, but as usual school was being a bitch. Anyway, I was actually on break for the past week or so but I've been out and busy most of the time or procrastinating work..
Now I'm supposed to be finishing up some work due by the next year (WHICH IS IN A FEW DAYS :O) but I decided to post these up before I got too lazy to do it.

I wore this outfit last Saturday (I think?) to a last minute christmas party somewhere. (It was an all-white dress code thing):

And this is what I wore for Christmas day--

Comic strip dress - John Herrera (I love this dress. :D)
Belt - H&M (gift from Ole)
Vest - Subculture
Shoes - SM

Okay so my mother insisted we have a little family photoshoot in our christmas clothes.. But I ended up enjoying it haha. I "made over" my younger cousin for kicks, too. Maybe I'll post the before and after pictures later. It was a fun yet annoyingly short Christmas day.

Oh and here's a little cupcake porn I took for all of you:

Okay, now I'm off to finish this stupid schoolwork and then enjoy the rest of the glorious break. :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh yeahhh that's what i'm talking about

my feet hurt just looking at them, but omg JUST LOOK AT THEM, okay??

McQueen is a freaking brilliant genius. <333 Look at the last photo, the label etched in looks like it's written in some alien symbol language. :O

you guessed it, it's philo time once again. I'm supposed to be doing a persuasive essay on "Fashion Sense and Sensibility", for shizzle you guys. What am i supposed to convince her about??? Oh lordy. :| Maybe I'll print these out and call it a day. Let's see what she says about that.



*pictures from