Tuesday, January 26, 2010

don't they realize that i'm a porcelain doll?

I was feeling fierce that night. (and slightly bored)
Got inspired by this amazing photo of Emma Watson:

So now judge me bitches!


Friday, January 8, 2010

we could be anything, anything, anything as long as you're my everything, everything, everything

I'm feeling a tad bit productive tonight, so I decided to post these pictures I've been meaning to post anyway. I wore this outfit on New Year's Day, we had our traditional celebration in my relatives' house. Fun stuff, fun stuff.

Oh, guess what! I overcame my fear of sparklers!! Haha, yeah I used to be deathly afraid of sparklers, thinking they were somehow going to spontaneously combust right on my face and blind me forever, yeah---So anyway instead of going on reading about my ramblings, here's the outfit folks:

Dress - Pink Manila
Shirt - Gift
Belt - KOB
Shoes - Celine