Monday, June 7, 2010

it's possible i have gone too far when it comes to you

So. Admittedly, I am such a blogger fail. :)) There is absolutely no excuse for me not updating especially since it's been summer break, and it's practically ending. But my freaking lazy habits have hindered me incapable of clicking a couple of buttons and updating this fashion blog. Oh well, better late than never, eh? Props to the other lovely B, my soulmate Bela who gets a shoutout for pushing me to just. post. dammit.

Anyway, well I could definitely say that a lot has happened since my last blog post back in what, feb?

I think i'll do a photodump one of these days but for now, here are a few pictures I'd like to share from this summer.

The following pictures were taken by either me, my mother or my little brother Miguel who really isn't that little anymore but anyway I just recently discovered on our family beach trip to El Nido, Palawan that he's either got awesome natural skillz or is just a lucky candid shot taker.

Wow this has gotten way too wordy. AT LAST, HERE IS A TRUCKLOAD OF PICTURES YAY-----

My brother took the shots of me by the white wall, and a few others were by my mom I think. Heehee, proud sister moment. I think I'll start breeding him to be a photographer. Might come in handy, yes. So this turned out to be less of a fashion-y post but okay whatever floats my boat it's my blog biznatch. HAHA. I'm cherishing the last bits of summer fun while it lasts. Sigh.

Oh, and isn't Palawan beautiful? We loved the El Nido resort. I miss it.



inabeena said...

my dear, you look lovely, per usual!



libys11 said...

ooohh you look so pretty in that nautical top!!!! and yes, palawan is so gorgeous! i want to visit that place again one day.. next time i'll stop by el nido for sure!! :D great post!

thanks for sharing these lovely photos! :D

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