Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i tried to do handstands for you

HELLO 2010! :)

It was a fun fun day indeed. Kyla makes the funniest faces, okay. =)) :>

EDIT: You can really tell I was very proud indeed to wear kyla's silver pompom as a headpiece. Oh yes, i felt just like Lady Gaga. OOH-LALA. :>




erica said...

you guys are hilarious. hahaha

Panda said...

Hey there!
Just randomly stumbled on your blog, its addorrable! These are such cute pictures, and i love your outfits!
Panda x

Melissa said...

love that headpiece! its so awesome!


Chevy Mae said...

such cuties :)

B said...

haha, actually, that "headpiece" was actually kyla's pompom made of metallic paper :))
but i love it still :>

michelle_ said...

you guys all look cut ein the mini photoshoot :D
thanks for the inspiration darling !
keep posting up great stuff up .

thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
visit / comment / follow me back at..
GlisteRs and bListeRs

victim, wendy foozy woo said...

I like your skirt! :)